Starting over

It was just over 10 years ago that my dreams of playing professional baseball ended with a severe injury. Devastated, I had to stare into the great wide world without a clue who I was and what I was meant to do.

Because I had given my entire life to playing baseball, I made a very intentional decision back then to give myself the next decade to try different things and learn as much about myself as possible. I built companies (some less fruitful than others!), toured the country as a musician, found myself occasionally speaking on public stages, and learned anything and everything I found interesting.

This site,, was a part of that journey originally serving as a place to share ideas I was developing for my consulting business helping companies grow their sales and referrals. While I’m proud of the many ideas on this site, they were created from my head, not my heart.

The Mental Game

While on this journey of learning, my interests heavily shifted toward human psychology and I sought out books, mentors, and classes to learn anything and everything I could on the topic. The deeper I dove in, the more curios I grew. It actually felt quite familiar as much of the learning brought me back full circle to a specific aspect of baseball I loved so much, the mental game!

In a high performance sport like baseball where failure is a huge part of the game, a players ability to manage their mental and emotional abilities in the face of pressure is the difference that separates the best from everyone else. This was one of my favorites aspects of playing the game and where I spent a lot of my energy learning.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.13.42 PMAs you can see, this is a picture of my extremely weathered copy of the book Heads Up Baseball by Ken Ravizza that has been with me since my freshman year of college and still sits on my desk in my office. I would read it before every game, before bed, and over breakfast. It was my bible and shaped much of how I think about the world today.

As my curiosity for human psychology grew along this journey of learning, former clients and friends starting asking me to coach them on the side. I obliged and what started as a fun side project quickly grew into a full fledged coaching practice. More and more people started calling and pretty soon I was coaching high performers by merging aspects of the “mental game” from sports with the deep psychological ideas I’ve been learning from a variety of mentors, books, and classes.

Coaching was not my dream 10 years ago but I couldn’t imagine doing anything else (and they do say catchers make the best coaches- I was a former catcher :) ). I now work with athletes, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and sales professionals to elevate their experience through enriching their mental game. What’s even more fun is that as a former athlete, touring musician, entrepreneur, and sales professional, I can not only be helpful as a coach, I can relate as a peer!

A Clean Canvas

So finally, it was time. As of today, I’ve taken down every article from this site to start over.

Moving forward, will serve as a place to share ideas about the inner workings of human experience including change, growth, and performance.

Thanks for your continued support over the years and I hope this evolved version of thegivegive serves you.